XANDOR Connectors air conditioning portfolio consist of complex tube assemblies, tailored to the design space available, as well internal-heat-exchangers (IHX) to improve the overall system performance.

A highly skilled engineering- and design team turns the customer requirements into final solutions and products. Our subject matter experts follow a holistic approach, which considers the complete system, rather than single components.

Our capabilities range from make-to-print through to bespoke applications to meet challenging technical and customer requirements.

Climate Control Connectors

  • Machined fittings made of aluminium or steel
  • Chip less end formed fittings
  • Plastic connectors

Climate Control Tubes

  • All types of refrigerant lines in aluminium for passenger car- and light truck application
  • All types of refrigerant lines in steel for heavy-duty application
  • Plastic lines for hose-free assemblies

Heat exchangers

  • Internal heat exchanger (IHX) as one-piece design (Coolaxial®)
  • Internal heat exchanger (IHX) as tube-in-tube design (FIT)

Polymer Air Conditioning Conveyance Systems (PACCS)

PACCS replace the traditional Aluminium-Hose Lines.

Key aspects of our PACCS:

  • 10 x lower Permeation
  • 40-60% Weight Reduction
  • No Hose/Tube connections
  • High inner cleanliness
  • 90% Recycling of thermoplastic material
  • 50% less CO2 Emissions during manufacturing